Venture Capital Database and VCPro Database

Venture Capital Database

Venture Capital Database and VCPro Database

For those seeking investment opportunities, it’s imperative to have access to a reliable venture capital database. Dealroom, Europe’s leading venture capital database, is an indispensable resource for corporates, investors, and local governments. It provides detailed information about more than 400 companies from around the world. Its web application was developed by Dizzain and is used by thousands of users. It offers various subscription models and offers research and analytics tools. It is also accessible through APIs.

In addition to its global database, VCDB has regional databases. The New York section features over 800 investors, while the Mid-Atlantic and Rocky Mountain sections feature over 300 venture capitalists. Meanwhile, the Southwestern database lists the investments of more than 400 companies in Texas. By exploring a VC database, you can learn about the investment scene in your area and contact the most active venture capitalists. This is a great way to find the most active and influential VC firms in your area.

The VCDB has several tools that can help you connect with venture capitalists and get your foot in the door. You can also search for specific venture capitalists by location. The tool’s ability to pinpoint the location of a VC can be invaluable in securing a meeting with a potential VC. Once you’ve found a VC, the next step is to find their contact information. The VCDB is available on both Mac and PC.

The VCPro Database is another useful resource. Its search features allow you to search for venture capitalists by name and location. You can also download this database and browse its details offline. The VCPro database is curated by a veteran in the venture capital industry. The database is user-friendly and easy to search. You can even download a copy of the VCPro Database for offline use. With so many benefits, it’s a must-have resource for anyone looking to get into the venture capital world.

In addition to the venture capital database, the VCPro database contains information on more than 900 venture capitalists from different regions. The New York section features over 800 investors, while the Rocky Mountain section contains over 300 VCs. The Southwestern section lists over 400 investment companies from Texas, for example. The VCPro is one of the most popular and effective resources for startup professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a free online resource that allows you to browse all the VCs.

The VCDB is also available in regional sections. It provides information on the investment activities of over 400 venture capitalists in the New York region. There are regional databases for the Mid-Atlantic region and the Rocky Mountain region. The Southwestern section lists the investments of more than 400 companies in Texas. The VCPro Database is a must-have resource for a growing venture capitalist community. The VCPro database is easy to use, and can be downloaded offline.