Venture Capital Database and PrivCo Database

Venture Capital Database

Venture Capital Database and PrivCo Database

The Venture Capital Database (VCDB) is a database that offers profiles of startup companies and VC and PE funds. This free database can be accessed on Windows and Mac computers, and includes information about more than 400 companies in the United States. It’s great for evaluating startup deals, but it’s not a replacement for an existing venture capital firm. It provides a wealth of information about early-stage and established companies, but it can be difficult to find a list of VC and PE firms that specialize in your sector.

In addition to company profiles, the Venture Capital Database also provides information on the amount of money invested and the target company’s valuation multiple. It also includes profiles of VC and PE firms, as well as companies that have been incubated at accelerators or incubated by large companies. The database also includes aggregate statistics on investments made in confidence by PE and VC firms. In addition to analyzing the numbers behind the investments, the database offers a comprehensive analysis of the industry.

The VCDB provides information on the companies that have received the most capital. It includes the name of the investee, the number of investors involved, and the financials. This database is essential for investors and private equity firms, but it is not comprehensive enough to include large corporate venture units. A search of the VC/PE databases will help you to identify companies that are worth investing in. This database is available online and in libraries, and is updated daily.

In addition to the VCDB, PrivCo is a comprehensive database of VC firms. Its coverage goes back to the 1970s and continues to improve. The data on VC funds and VC firms is also comprehensive. The information in the database includes profiles of vc firms, associated funds, and limited partners, as well as entrepreneurial companies and funding rounds. The VentureDB is free to use, but has some limitations.

The VCDB is a comprehensive database of venture capital firms. It tracks the investment activity of small and mid-size companies across the United States. The VCDB does not track corporate venture units. However, it is a useful tool for investors and startups alike. When looking for venture capitalists, VCDB has an extensive list of 900-plus companies. It also tracks corporate venture units. The database is very valuable to the start-up community.

The database is a great resource for investors and startup teams alike. With a variety of information and company profiles, the database makes it easy to identify the most active venture capital firms and fundraise. The site also provides data on VCs and backed companies in the area. There are many free and paid options to use the database, but you can choose the most beneficial option for your business. It’s a valuable tool to have for your business.