Venture Capital Database

Venture capital is simply a means of raising capital. It allows entrepreneurs to launch a company by receiving money from various sources. Venture capital is generally provided by venture capitalists who use it as a method of risk management in return for an initial equity stake in those companies which have a promising future growth opportunity.

Venture Capital Database

A venture capital database lists and classifies private equity firms, and their registered investment companies. These databases also include data fields for analyzing trends in investment dollars and investments by these firms. Venture Capital Database provides data fields for analyzing the market, industry forecasts, venture capital firms and other relevant information and data which are needed for investors and venture capitalists.

Venture Capital Database collects, collates and analyze information on the companies which venture capitalists have an interest in funding. This database provides information about the size of each firm, history, number of investors and partners, valuation of firms, etc. Some of the companies in the venture capital firms may have more than one round of financing during a year. Such companies are termed’seed’ investments. The data fields for analyzing such startups show funding rounds and the amount of cash raised during such rounds.

Some of the most common categories of investments which venture capitalists make are: angel investors, venture capitalists, institutional investors, limited partners, venture capital debt, hedge funds, early stage investment, and later stage investments. This Venture Capital Database includes information about companies which are in early stage investment programs. Some of these companies may be in the process of development, but they need financial backing. A venture capital database can help investors understand the needs of companies in this category.

The venture capital database includes data on investment banks which provide loans to startups. This information helps investors understand investment banks and their loan policies. Some of the venture capital investment banks lend only to established companies with significant production capabilities. Other investment banks lend to startups with less than adequate technology and management systems.

The venture capital database also includes information about private equity firms. Many private equity firms are set up as organizations by angel investors. The databases provide information on these firms. Some private equity firms participate in joint venture activities with other private equity firms. Some of these venture capital firms may also participate in fund raisers organized by mutual funds or other large investors.