What Is A Venture Capital Database?

VENTURECAPITAL: An All-In-One Resource of Capital Ventures are increasingly becoming the investment vehicle of choice for many new and small businesses. VENTURECAPITAL is an all-encompassing, complete and concise source of capital for entrepreneurs, companies, investors, institutional investors, pension fund managers and anyone else who is interested in additional capital. The information provided is geared towards making your venture capital or business investment decision making process much easier and more effective. This information is provided in a simple to understand format, with clear explanations of valuation procedures and strategies.

Venture Capital Database

This comprehensive venture capital directory is published by a private equity investment firm. In 1999, the last year it was published, VENTURECAPITAL had become a world renowned resource for both institutional and private investors. Since its inception, the list has become even more exclusive, retaining only the top venture capital companies in the world. The majority of the companies listed on this listing are American or Canadian based, and a large number have been invested in by wealthy individual entrepreneurs.

One of the major features of VENTURECAPITAL is the inclusion of international venture capital firms. Many countries, such as China and India, have experienced phenomenal growth in recent years, making the area a very attractive for new businesses and startups. Unfortunately, there has been very little published about these innovative companies in the United States and Europe, and some of the companies listed may not have a clear history of ownership in the United States. This database provides investors with the ability to easily locate emerging startups in countries around the world, as well as being able to access the companies’ financial statements. As these companies mature and begin to produce products, the price per share can increase significantly, providing a strong opportunity for early investors.

VENTuring capital is the term used to describe private equity, a type of capital that has the purpose of acquiring and developing certain companies. The companies may be new, established, or an emerging company looking to raise additional capital. Some of the countries included in the venture capital database include Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. This database allows investors to track and invest in a wide range of industries, as well as being able to compare investments made in different countries across the globe.

An important feature of this database is the use of investment criteria. The data fields include investment type, category, and size. This data field allows users to choose which types of businesses they are most interested in funding, allowing them to be customized for their specific needs. These data fields also allow users to select other attributes, such as minimum fund amount, maximum funding amount, total amount of cash raised, operating expenses, sales revenue, and operating expense ratio.

Another facet of the venture capital database is the categorization of startups. In this section, you will find categories of startups. You can select the category depending on your interest. After selecting the category, you can look at the list of startups, identifying which ones seem most promising. From this list, you will be able to identify startups with the greatest potential for success.