Venture Capital Databases

Venture Capital Database

If you’re looking to invest in a high-growth startup, the Venture Capital Database can be of great use. It features data on more than 400,000 companies and more than 100,000 deals. It allows you to create customizable lists of companies that are seeking funding, and it offers aggregate statistics for all disclosed venture capital deals. Using the database will help you identify companies that may be worth investing in. Here are three of the most popular venture capital databases available.

VentureDeal is the primary technology venture capital database. This database tracks the activity of over a thousand venture firms and their investments. It also tracks large corporate venture units. It is a great way to follow trends in the venture backed startup ecosystem. It’s available to Baruch students and researchers. With more than 40 industries represented, the data is comprehensive and includes many Fortune 100 companies. The data is updated daily, so you can keep up with the latest deals on your company’s progress.

The VentureDeal database is one of the leading technology venture capital databases. It tracks published and unpublished venture capital activities. It also tracks large companies with corporate venture units. If you want to build a high-quality startup database, you can use one of these databases. However, if you’re looking for data on life sciences and general technology companies, then you should check out VentureDeal’s data feed. It provides daily data on the latest funding and exit activities of life science and general technology startups.

The CB Insights Venture Capital Database captures every single venture capital deal. It crawls thousands of sources for financing and exit data. The CB Insights database provides insights on trends in the investment landscape. It even tracks large companies with corporate venture units. You can also use the CB Insights Venture Capital database to track the latest deals and funding in the VC industry. You can access the VentureXpert data from behind the library’s reference desk.

The VCPro Database is a comprehensive database that enables users to search for companies that have raised money from venture capital firms. It also includes details about the investors and firms, and you can download and store the data offline. Moreover, if you need to access information from a database on the go, you can always download the data in a downloadable format. VCPro has been edited by a veteran researcher in the venture capital industry.

In addition to the Crunchbase database, VCPro also provides information about the VCPro database. It is a free database that allows you to browse firm details without having to pay. In addition, it is downloadable, so you can use it offline as well. Unlike other VCPro databases, the VCPro database is edited by a research veteran in the venture capital industry. It is also the most comprehensive and useful of all the VCPro databases.