Venture Capital Databases

There are many different types of Venture Capital databases. Dealroom is one of the best known in Europe. Its mission is to provide corporates, investment professionals and local governments with the necessary information to make an informed decision about their company’s growth. It is a web application developed by Dizzain that is used by thousands of people worldwide. The service includes a wide range of subscription models, research and analytics tools and direct access to data through API.

Venture Capital Database

The VCDB database allows you to research a company in different stages. Using the seed stage database, you can find out who is investing in which startups and how much they are raising. This is a great tool for entrepreneurs looking to see who is making investments in the startup stage and which companies are being funded by the most venture capitalists. You can also use the seed stage feature to see which VCs are backed by accelerators in your area.

VentureDeal is another popular venture capital database. It covers general technology and life science companies and tracks published and unpublished venture funding activity. Moreover, it includes data from Fortune 100 companies. This database is useful for investors who are looking to identify companies with great potential but who lack the resources or know-how to research them. This database also includes data on large corporates with corporate venture units. Its users can use it to make informed decisions about their company’s future growth.

In addition to a variety of business sectors, VCPro also offers a variety of data on startups. Using the database, you can find private equity deals in various sectors. It can be used on a Windows or Mac computer. It can also be used to evaluate real estate investment opportunities. If you want to invest in a startup, you can use this database to research it. It is a great tool for entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of their growth.

VCDB is an excellent source for identifying companies with high potential. The database provides information on more than 4 million companies, as well as information on the investors and their investments. The site is also helpful for entrepreneurs and investors, providing data on companies that are incubated in various Accelerators. In fact, VCDB is the best resource to discover new startups. If you are looking for a way to grow a business, a successful investment strategy is to start investing in the right market.

VCDB is a comprehensive database of all VC deals. Its comprehensive data includes details on the firm, its investors, and their advisors. If you are looking to find a venture capitalist in a particular industry, VCDB is an excellent resource to check. The tool has been designed to give you the most relevant and up-to-date information on the industry. There are more than two hundred million companies in the VCDB, and it is a good way to find a startup that is attracting investment.