Venture Capital Database, in its THIRTEEN-SEVEN edition is the industry’s first up-to-the-minute vernacular venture capital database service. Each company listing in exclusive venture capital database has the following information fields: Contact Information: Name; Title; Company designation; Company headquarters; City, State, Zip Code; Country; Telephone number; E-Mail Address; Site map; Year started; Other business names or companies associated with the company; Employees; Number of employees; and Employees with specialized qualifications. Additional fields are available such as funders, private equity, venture capital, real estate and angel investors. These additional fields to help investors make better decisions. In addition to these vital fields, each database has links to related industry news and articles, tips and techniques and investment and lending opportunities. Industry specialists assist potential investors in preparing venture capital investment profiles.

Venture Capital Database

As per research findings, mutual funds and venture capital are the two major sources of private financing for start-ups and existing firms. Thus, investing in venture capital can be a good source of extra funds for start-ups. However, many companies fail due to lack of suitable capital. To overcome this, it is necessary to have an accurate market perception about the company’s future growth prospects. This can be done only through the survey of prospective investors by means of a venture capital database. Moreover, investors need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the companies to get an accurate picture of what future prospects offer.

Through the venture capital database, investors can access information such as valuation of the company, history, financial strength, management, financial performance, market share, competitors and business plans. Valuing the companies is the first step in determining the price to be paid for the shares. Venture capital firms can also provide data entry assistance to the investors.

The great venture capital database can help the investors to make important decisions on where to invest their money. For instance, many investors put their money in the pharmaceuticals sector because there are many lucrative companies available in this sector. The VC data can give them information about the latest venture capitals that are currently active. Moreover, investors can obtain historical data such as the past six years of the performance of each company to assess its future growth prospects.

A venture capital database can be used for early stage investment in start-ups. This helps the budding entrepreneurs to raise money for their start-up. Many companies fail in the initial stage because they lack the expertise and resources required for their business. Hence, it is essential to conduct market research before laying down investment capital. The VC data can help in this task by providing the investors with information on the top manufacturers in the field and other companies that can be beneficial for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Apart from the information obtained from the Venture Capital Database, the investors can also get access to other relevant information such as funding sources, management teams, venture capital advisors and intellectual property advisors. All these data are provided for free and are readily available online. However, the users must ensure that they use the services of reputed online sources for obtaining the information. Reputable VC databases are widely used by both private investors and venture capitalists for facilitating their businesses and helping them make informed decisions.