Venture Capital Database Helps to Identify Innovative Venture Capital Financing Solutions

The Venture Capital Database is a free, open source Venture Capital Database which contains equity and investment related information for more than 5,000 venture capital firms around the world. The database is an comprehensive online resource for both public and private sector entities looking to raise capital. This information can be used by funders to determine if an individual or firm has the requisite experience and/or track record to successfully fund their own venture.

Venture Capital Database

The free online Venture Capital Database was first published in 1998. The twenty-sixth edition of the VC&E publishes the database for the first time. All of the changes that have been made since the first publication have been made throughout all editions. This revision also includes a completely new supplement entitled ” Venture Capital Directory: Third Edition” which covers all aspects of private equity. Other supplements that have been published since 1998 include a charter of investment and an operating agreement for partnerships.

Data fields in the Venture Capital Database include names, current and past venture capital investors, business development strategies, venture capital investment strategy, venture capital financing strategy, business operations data fields, and funding sources. The data fields also include data on companies which provide technology, property, and mergers and acquisitions. The investment criteria used in the venture capital database are based on standard criteria which are used in quantitative investment analysis. Data fields on venture capital funding strategies focus on those used by venture capitalists. However, some venture capital databases are more flexible in terms of criteria for investment.

Venture Capital Database information is categorized into two major sections: private equity and venture capital. Private equity involves financing which is offered to an accredited investor and does not require the accredited investor to distribute the proceeds to the investors. This database does not contain data on venture capital. Venture capital involves private equity for small, medium and large companies. Venture Capital Database data fields for venture capital can be very comprehensive because it includes data on accredited angel investors, venture capitalists, venture investment companies, venture management companies, venture initiator companies, venture management firms, private equity funds and private equity transactions.

The venture capital database provides complete profiles of accredited venture capitalists, angel investors and other sources. The data can be cross-checked with the accredited angel investor list maintained by the Small Business Administration and the Small Business Development Center to check for other accredited investors. By using this venture capital database, startups can identify companies that match their investment criteria.

The venture capital database provides a lot of information for startups to help them in their decision-making process. The startup can access startup funding sources, venture capital firms, venture capital analysts, venture capitalists, venture marketing companies, venture management companies and others. The startup can obtain startup financing by securing angel investors and through commercial banks. In order to secure venture capital loans from venture capitalists, the startup should comply with the funding request. If the request is denied, the startup can look for other options such as payment plan, convertible debentures or preferred stock offerings. The venture capital database helps to ensure that startups have access to appropriate resources.