Venture Capital Database – Corporate-Based Or Independent?

There are two main types of venture capital databases: corporate-based and independent. While the former is more comprehensive, the latter is more focused on the service industry. Both contain data from a variety of sources, including the companies themselves. While both offer a wealth of information, the former focuses on investments made by corporations, while the latter focuses on investments made by independent firms. While the database provides more data, both are incomplete. This article will explain the differences between the two.

Venture Capital Database

The Rocky Mountain Database includes Utah and Nevada, and the Southeast database covers Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. The Southern California Database profiles more than 400 investors, while the Rocky Mountain database contains nearly 300 investors in the Western states, including Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. The databases also have the ability to download data to your own computer. For offline use, VCPro is a great resource. It’s completely free and available on the internet, so you can download it as often as you like.

Another option is to sign up for a subscription to the Venture Capital Database. Depending on your needs, you can pay a monthly fee or subscribe to an unlimited access plan. You can also use the database to find co-investors. The subscription is relatively low, and it’s possible to use it for as long as you want. You can search for venture capitalists by entering their bio keywords and geographic location. It’s a great way to expand your investment network.

The Midwest Database contains more than 700 VC investors from the Midwest region, Massachusetts has 400 VCs and Texas has 600. The Mid-Atlantic database contains information on more than 800 VC investors from New York City, while the New York database covers all of New York and Southwestern Connecticut. SourcInno is a French-language version of PitchBook. It includes detailed financial information on the investments of PEs and LPs.

The US Database contains information on investors from all 50 states and is available in PDF format. The VCPro Database is a free online database and runs on Windows and Mac computers. The database is updated twice a year and has been updated since July 2012. The current edition was published in July 2021. If you want to invest in a specific sector, you can search the VCPro database for this information. This product is available for Windows and Mac computers, but the current version is not free.

Using a venture capital database is beneficial for start-ups and small businesses that are looking for venture capital. While some databases focus on private equity funds, others focus on the transactions made by these funds. This information can be very helpful to start-ups and small companies, and can help investors shortlist companies. These databases are useful for a variety of businesses, including stock market brokers and real estate firms. However, they are best suited for start-ups and small companies.