Venture Capital Database

VC Database is an invaluable tool for startup companies. It is updated daily and provides comprehensive information on VC deals. You can search by specific sectors, firms, types of financing, and investors. The data is available for download as excel files or CRM apps. It is a must-have for any business, especially if you’re pitching to VCs. You can export data in various formats, including PDF, Excel, and CSV.

Venture Capital Database

VCDB has data on over 1,000 companies. The database is free and available on Windows and Mac computers. It contains detailed information on companies, investors, and their valuation multiples. You can use the database to narrow your list of potential investment targets. The data can also help you evaluate potential companies and decide if they’re a good fit for your company. You can find information about investors in your region. This will make it easier to understand the needs of your target audience and make a good investment decision.

The VCDB has 6 datasets covering different aspects of private capital raises in the United States. The VCPro Database is updated twice a year, with the latest edition released in July 2021. It also covers a large percentage of public filings. It offers a comprehensive view of venture capital and other issuances, and gives academics and researchers a resource for their research. The earliest dataset is January 2002, and the most recent one is expected to come out in January 2022.

The WRDS Venture Capital database is an extensive database that contains information about private capital raises in the U.S. The data in each dataset is updated two to three times a year and covers a large portion of the public filings in the United States. The VCPro Database is a great resource for academics, startups, and real estate firms to identify potential investors. Besides being a useful resource for researchers and investors, VCPro can be used by real estate firms, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Using the VCPro database is an efficient way to find investment opportunities. The VCPro Database is updated twice a year, and the most recent edition was published in July 2021. It is available for both Mac and Windows computers, and it provides a broad range of information, including company names, valuation multiples, advisors, and financials. The VCPro database is an indispensable resource for real estate firms and venture capitalists.

The VCPro Database is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities. It contains the names of investee companies, their locations, and the amount of money invested by PE and VC firms. You can also find out the number of venture capitalists in the area that are willing to invest in your startup. VCPro database is updated twice a year. You can download the latest edition in July 2022 and the next in January 2020.