Venture Capital Database

The Venture Capital Database is an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs and investors. The comprehensive database contains information on over three million startups around the world. This database helps you track your competitors and learn about the most successful companies. Moreover, you can even access data through APIs. With this tool, you can learn more about the venture capitalists in your area. You can find out about their background and how much money they have invested in their companies. This database is useful for entrepreneurs and investors, as well as for stakeholders.

Venture Capital Database

The VCPro Database is a free download that offers data on over one thousand venture capital deals. The database provides detailed information on investee companies, VC firms, amounts invested, advisors, financials, and a list of the companies that have received funding. It also includes details on firms that have been incubated in Accelerators. The VCPro Database is regularly updated, providing the latest information about the venture capital industry.

It is free to download the VCPro Database and uses it for research purposes. This database includes information on the investor and investee companies, the amount of investment, and the names of the founders and advisors. It also includes information on companies incubated at Accelerators. It offers offline access and can be downloaded to your computer. The VCPro Database is professionally compiled. It is a useful tool for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a venture capital firm.

VCPro is a free database for investors, as well as for individuals who want to track startup activities. It offers detailed information on investor-investee companies, amounts invested, advisors, financials, and profiles of PE/VC firms. The VCPro database also includes information on startups incubated at Accelerators. The VCPro database is also a great tool for those who need to know which venture capital firms are investing in the latest technology firms.

VCPro has a huge database for investors. Among its major features is a comprehensive list of VC firms that accept venture capital. Besides, the database also features detailed information on investor firms in various regions. For example, it lists the companies incubated at Accelerator programs. It also contains information on the names of the investors and their advisors. The data is updated on a daily basis and is easy to access.

Israeli Venture Capital Database is a searchable database that provides information on Israeli start-ups. The Israeli VC database contains information on all VC companies and their LPs. You can use the website to research VC companies in your country. It also has an extensive list of VC firms. For startups, the database can be a useful resource for all investors. There are some companies that are funded by a single investor.