The Venture Capital Database (VCDB) is a comprehensive database that covers the entire VC investment landscape. This unique database crawls thousands of sources, including exit and financing data, and compiles this data to give you a broad view of the investing landscape. It provides insights into industry trends, financing activity, and deals between large companies and startups. It is an excellent tool to narrow down your search for a startup, and is a valuable resource for those who want to learn about a startup and its potential.

Venture Capital Database

This comprehensive database is free for individuals and businesses. It can be downloaded on Windows and Mac computers and is updated twice a year. You can subscribe for free to receive the latest edition for two years. The next edition of the VCPro database is scheduled to be published in January 2022, so you can start using it today! If you’re an entrepreneur or investor looking for new investment opportunities, the VCPro database is a valuable tool.

PrivCo is another great resource. It offers detailed information on over 400,000 startup companies and their investors. It also includes profiles of PE & VC firms and VC-backed companies. While PrivCo is free, it does have some limitations, and a limited number of investors. For the most complete information, you’ll want to register as a member of a VC firm and sign up for their free trial.

In 1995, the only way to build a Venture Capital database was by calling VC firms and asking for deals. This method was appropriate then, but not today. The internet has created a huge amount of public information. The advent of sophisticated machine learning algorithms has improved the way data is extracted and analyzed. Now, VCDB can help companies find investors in their industry. This database is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs and businessmen, and can be a valuable tool to help them find the funding they need.

The VCPro database is a free online database that contains detailed information about VC firms. It also offers details on the investors involved in each deal. The VCPro database is updated frequently, and it provides a comprehensive list of all Venture Capital firms. You can also view the details of VCs and private equity funds. Using this database is a useful way to find out more about a startup or an investment, and to compare the VC firms’ portfolios.

In 1995, the only way to build a venture capital database was to call each VC firm and ask for deals. The method was appropriate, but in today’s world, the internet has transformed this process into a powerful tool for investors. VCPro has a database for both Windows and Mac computers and updates every six months. The latest VCPro database will be published in January 2022. This will help you make smart decisions when investing in a startup.