Venture Capital Database

If you are an entrepreneur or an investor looking for high-growth companies to invest in, the Venture Capital Database is an invaluable resource. It captures all of the latest venture capital deals and aggregates the data from thousands of sources, including public databases and private investment funds. The database provides insights into sector trends and financing activity and also tracks large companies with corporate venture units. To use the database, you can register for free, or subscribe for a paid account.

Venture Capital Database

VCPro Database has an intuitive user interface that allows you to browse the details of each firm. The database also offers offline access and is professionally compiled. VCPro can also be downloaded to your computer for offline use. A great benefit of VCPro is that it is free to use. With all of these features, you’ll be able to access the data offline with ease. In addition, the data is updated daily, so you can browse it on any device, whether you’re at work or on the go.

You can use VCPro Database on both Mac and Windows computers. The database is updated twice a year in January and July. The current edition was published in January 2022, and the next one will be published in July 2022. The VCPro Database can be downloaded onto a PC and used offline without a subscription. VCPro is an invaluable tool for startups and seasoned investors. There’s no better source for startup data than VCPro.

Pitchbook provides merger and acquisition data on a global scale. It also has predictive analytics of hot sectors and deals, which make the sourcing process easier and more rewarding. CB Insights is a data provider that provides stock market data and startup insights. Its predictive analytics are used by venture capitalists and tech startups to identify successful startups before their competitors. It also works as a research tool, helping companies find potential investors.

VCPro database is available for Mac and Windows computers. VCPro database allows you to search for the latest venture capital deals and bios of each company. Its search options include firms with high valuations, public companies, and private investors. The databases are updated every day to keep pace with the ever-changing venture capital ecosystem. This makes VCPro database a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and investors. Its online version allows you to browse the data offline as well as search for the companies in your area.

Aside from its proprietary data, VentureDeal is a popular tool for identifying and connecting with venture capitalists in the United States. It includes bio-keywords and city-specific information on more than 400,000 technology companies worldwide. It also includes data on life-science startups. VCPro also allows you to search for VC funds and VC-backed startups. It’s an excellent resource for entrepreneurs. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for investment opportunities, the VCDB is a great way to start.