Venture Capital Database

The purpose of a Venture Capital Database (VCD) is to track investment activity in high-growth companies. The database tracks data on more than 400,000 startups in over 40 different industries, as well as more than 100,000 deals. Using this service allows you to find the best investment opportunities. The service provides customizable lists of companies, as well as limited market analysis. The goal of VCDB is to provide the most accurate data about emerging companies and their investors.

Venture Capital Database

One of the most powerful features of a VCDB is that it lets you search by region, industry, and investor type. This information can be vital to your company’s success. You can easily search for investors in any state or city by searching by region. There are also many ways to customize the database and import it into a CRM application. The VCDB’s user interface is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.

For users who would rather search the database by city, there are three main regions. The Silicon Valley is the most active, with nearly 900 profiles. The New York State and Southwestern Connecticut databases have fewer than 800 profiles. The data can be exported to Excel or imported into CRM apps for a more personalized approach. If you want to track a specific region, you can use the database’s search features. In addition, you can choose to narrow the search by location and type of investors, as well as export the results to PDF and CSV.

Another useful tool is the Venture Capital Database, which allows you to search for specific investors and deals. You can use it to find the best investment opportunity by selecting your area and keywords. You can also browse through the profiles of PE/VC firms, as well as the company incubated at various Accelerators. The Venture Capital Database will be a valuable tool in your marketing efforts. You can even use it to shortlist potential investors. These databases are very useful for many businesses, both B2C and B2B.

The VCPro Database is available on Windows and Mac computers. Its data is updated twice a year, in January and July. Currently, the VCPro Database version was published in July 2021. The next edition is due in January 2020. The VCPro database contains all information about investments made in North America. This tool is the most comprehensive resource for the VC industry. In addition, it includes information about companies incubated at different Accelerators.

The VCDB is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about private-sector investments. Its database contains information about private companies. The company name, location, and the amount of money raised are all available on the site. The VCDB also contains data on companies that have received venture capital. A good VCDB will help you find the best deals. This will help you build your own successful startup. The information in this database will help you in your business development.