Venture Capital Database

A Venture Capital Database is essential for any investor. Many startups and early-stage companies are struggling to survive, but with the help of a database, you can find out which companies are getting the most funding. There are several databases available, but VCPro is the leading one in Europe. It helps investors, corporates, and local governments identify promising new companies and understand how the venture capital industry works. This web application was created by Dizzain, a startup that was recently acquired by Accel Partners. It features a variety of subscription models and has analytical tools. It also offers direct access to the data through its API.

Venture Capital Database

If you’re looking for investors, you can search the Venture Capital Database for details about each company. This database includes the name of the investee company, the type of investment made, and the amount invested. Some databases also feature information about VCs backed by accelerators. It’s a great resource for entrepreneurs and business professionals. It also allows users to easily search for VC firms by location and industry, or by their name.

Besides listing VCs and their investments, this database also provides details on the types of businesses that are being funded. The seed stage database provides information on the types of investors and the types of companies involved. The amount of money invested in setting up operations is also listed. The Southeast and Mid-Atlantic sections feature profiles of local accelerators and PE firms, and a general overview of venture capitalists in each region. The website offers regional data on the amount of investment for both PE and VC funds.

The VCDB is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to raise capital. The database features information about venture capital and how much has been invested in each company. You can filter the results by stage, country, and investor type. You can export these results to an Excel spreadsheet or a CRM app for further analysis. You can even export the data as a PDF and import it into your database. It’s a great way to find companies with great potential and get the right amount of funding.

VCDB offers comprehensive information about private equity investments. The database provides detailed financial information on companies, angel investors, and more. With the free version, you can lookup the names of VCs in your region and determine whether they are the right fit for your company. You can also view the number of VC-backed startups in your area. This database is a great resource for entrepreneurs in a number of ways. You can use it to learn about the companies in your city.

VCDB also provides information on venture capital. You can use it to research the types of venture capital and the types of companies that are getting backed. By using the VCDB, you can find the names of VCs and other investors in your region. This can be extremely useful for your business, particularly if you have a specific idea in mind. In addition to the data on venture capitalists, it also contains profiles of VCs and PE firms in your city.