Venture Capital Database

A VCDB is an online tool that lists the names and locations of more than four million startup companies worldwide. It provides information about their valuation multiples, advisors, and other relevant information. In addition, the tool provides bios of investors and lists of companies incubated in accelerators. It can be used to find potential investments or to identify entrepreneurs. However, you must register as a user before you can access the information. The database is free to use and requires no registration.

A comprehensive venture capital database can be difficult to use without extensive background information, but this database will give you the insight you need to make the right decisions about the next steps for your startup company. The data provided is both unpublished and published, and the database can be accessed on Mac or Windows computers. The most recent edition of the VCPro Database was published in July 2021 and the next one is due in January 2022. The database will be useful to startup executives, investors, and others who are looking to raise funds for their businesses.

The VCPro Database is available on Mac and Windows computers and is updated twice a year, in January and July. The latest edition was published in July 2021, and the next one is due in January 2020. It is an essential tool for anyone working in the startup industry. While it may be costly, it is well worth the price. For the price, it is the ultimate tool to access the startup ecosystem. The data feeds can be customized to match the needs of every company.

VCPro is an online database of venture capital funds and investors. The database contains a variety of data on the VC ecosystem, including publicly-traded and unpublished investment activity. Users can use this database to identify new opportunities. The information is categorized by industry, and by stage of development. The current edition of the VCPro Database was published in July 2021. The next edition is scheduled to be published in January 2022.

A venture capital database can be a useful tool to target venture capitalists. Some databases focus on private equity funds, while others display transactions from venture funds. These databases are also helpful for small and start-up businesses. The data provided by a reliable source is regularly updated and verified. A VCDB can be very useful for many B2C and B2B businesses. For example, real estate firms and stock market brokers can use the database to identify potential investors.

The VCPro Database is available for Windows and Mac computers. It is updated twice a year. The current edition was published in July 2021. The next one will be published in January 2020. Both databases are available as downloadable files. The VCPro database has been used by many investors around the world. Thousands of startups have been funded by VCs and PEs in the past decade. With this information, you can learn more about them and find the best opportunities for your business.