Venture Capital Database is an extensive database of more than 5,000+ Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity funds, Angel Investors, Early-stage androgenesis Venture Capital, and Private equity databases. All Venture Capital information is presented in a simple to understand manner in a searchable format that allows investors to quickly locate the appropriate funding target. Venture Capital Database was developed by venture capital researchers to assist fund managers and venture capitalists in finding the best venture capital funding target. In addition, this tool allows individual entrepreneurs to search for private venture capital funding and find other companies or individual IPOs to invest in. This service also provides information on venture investment firms.

Venture Capital Database

There are many potential sources from which to obtain venture capital databases and other information. The venture capital database contains data from a large range of venture capital firms, including Angel Investors, venture capitalists and venture capital investment companies. The primary source for this data is industry associations and professional associations such as the Small Business Association, Chamber of Commerce and the American Institute of Corporations. Other databases may be obtained from state and local government agencies such as the Office of the Secretary of State, the Office of the Comptroller of Currency and the Attorney General’s Office.

The purpose of this flexible filtering technology is to allow users to sort the Venture Capital Database to refine the information provided. The first step in refining the Venture Capital Database is to determine what category of businesses or individual IPOs are being searched. There are two primary categories, which include Private Equity and Venture Capital. This information is updated regularly to reflect new funding commitments.

When using the Venture Capital Database, it is important to ensure that it is current, and covers IPOs that are active. Many new IPOs are announced each day. The last thing a prospective investor needs is to be presented with a great outdated Venture Capital Database that does not contain recent investments. It is also important to check the accuracy of the data provided. As mentioned above, this data is updated regularly, so if you do find an error, chances are that it has already been corrected.

One way to verify the accuracy of the Venture Capital Database is to check it against the Real Time VCC Data Feed. Real-time information is updated live, so it is always accurate. In addition to frequently-updated information, the database also offers historical data for a number of categories. For those investors who are interested in a very narrow, detailed investment history, it is advisable to opt for the flexible filtering criteria.

The primary sources used to create this venture capital directory include publicly available information from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bank of America, Corporate headquarters of major companies, venture capital firms, and others. The data fields are generated based on publicly available information. When creating the VC database, all data sources are first reviewed to confirm their validity. After data fields have been confirmed to meet the standards of accuracy, the company name field is created. Company name fields are based on the name of the company, and other company details such as address and contact information are entered into the data fields.