Venture Capital Database

VCPro Database, Europe’s leading venture capital database, provides data on high-growth companies. It is a web application that helps corporates, investment professionals, and local governments identify high-growth companies. It was founded in 2010 and has since grown to be used by thousands of users around the world. Dealroom includes various subscription models, analytical tools, and direct access to data via API. It also includes company profiles and historical funding rounds.

Venture Capital Database

Data in Venture Intelligence database shows details about every deal, i.e. the name of the investee, the amount of capital advanced, and the advisors and board members involved. This information is compiled from hundreds of sources. The information in the database also provides profiles of PE & VC firms and companies that have gone through various Accelerators. It also contains aggregate statistics of deals that have been disclosed in confidence.

Researchers have found that despite the lack of quality control, Venture Intelligence databases have been inconsistent and incomplete. But despite these shortcomings, users accept them because they lack a better alternative. This was shown in a recent study conducted by Prof. Reiner Braun of the Technical University of Munich. The results of the research are not surprising. The researchers concluded that the database’s shortcomings are more likely to prevent companies from attracting investment.

Unlike other publicly available data, Venture Capital Database is available in a variety of delivery formats. Historical data is typically provided in a bulk format via an S3 bucket. Real-time data is offered via APIs, feeds, and streams. This type of information is similar to Private Equity Capital Structure data, but specialized databases are easier to use. Fortunately, many VCPro sources offer data that’s both free and inexpensive.

VCPro Database also provides information on the major venture capital firms. This free tool is an excellent source of information about venture-backed companies and investors. It also allows users to browse firm details. The database is downloadable and can be used offline. This gives users the freedom to save data and use it whenever and wherever they want. The data in VCPro can be easily imported and exported from the server. The VCPro Database was created by a veteran researcher in the venture capital industry.

VCPro offers information on the most active VCs in the world. It has information on the top investors and a comprehensive listing of VCs and their transactions. There are also profiles of companies that have been incubated in different Accelerators. Using VCPro, you can also see how much venture capital has been invested in a company. This is one of the best ways to track the progress of an investment.