The Venture Capital Database provides detailed information on the latest deals made by VC firms in the US and Europe. The database covers investment data from hundreds of sources and offers deep sector insights. It also tracks large companies with corporate venture units. Users of the database can search for new deals by industry, region, and country. They can find out who is investing in a certain company in a given market. To access the database, students and researchers must login to the library’s website or subscribe to a paid version.

Venture Capital Database

The database includes information on investors in various sectors. It covers the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. It features more than 500 profiles from the Southeast and the Carolinas. The Southern California Database offers information on more than 400 VC investors. The Rocky Mountain database provides information on nearly 300 investors from the Rocky Mountain region, including California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. With such comprehensive information, entrepreneurs can better choose which venture capital firms to contact and start a conversation with potential new partners.

The data on venture capital is gathered from news sources, filings, and company profiles. The Southeast database covers the entire Southeast and includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The Southern California database lists nearly 400 investors. The Rocky Mountain database has more than 300 profiles of VC and PE firms in the western United States. It also has information about VC and Accelerator investments in various regions. Besides a list of investors, the database also contains information about the number of rounds and valuation multiples of companies that are backed by venture capital.

A Venture Capital Database can be a valuable tool for investors to identify startups. This tool is free and easy to use and allows you to enter bio keywords and location to find the names of private investors in your area. The VCDB also provides aggregate statistics about deals that have been closed in confidence. This database is a valuable resource for startup seekers looking to find the best investors. If you are a startup entrepreneur, the VCDB can help you with your research.

The VCDB provides data on VC deals by country and by industry. For example, the VCDB for a life sciences startup is a great way to search for investment opportunities and companies. Its primary database covers life sciences companies and general technology companies. It includes information about published and unpublished venture capital deals and is constantly updated. The VCDB has a variety of information and can be useful for both entrepreneurs and investors.

The database also includes bio keywords and location information for the investors in a particular region. For instance, the Southeast Database covers the countries of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia. The Rocky Mountain Database focuses on the Rocky Mountain region and provides information about the most active venture capitalists in the United States. While this database is not as comprehensive as the VCDB, it is still an excellent resource for startup investors.