VC Databases and PrivCo Databases

A startup company’s prospectus is a vital tool, but it can be a challenge to track down all the pertinent information regarding previous VC deals. The best way to find out who has backed which companies is to look up VC databases and invest in their portfolio companies. While there are many such resources available, finding the latest information can be difficult. Using a VCDB can help you get a leg up on your competition.

A VCPro Database provides profiles of over 20,000 investors across the world. Each database tracks transactions of various venture funds. A good source of data is a reliable database that can be used on a Windows or Mac computer. The most recent edition of the VCPro Database was released in July 2015, and the next one is expected in January 2022. Moreover, these databases allow you to filter the results by type, location, and investor. You can download the data in PDF or Excel.

This database is a free resource that tracks VC deals on a daily basis. To use this database, you need to sign up. The data in the VCPro database is updated every day. The VCPro Database is available for both Windows and Mac computers. It is a good tool to narrow down your list of potential investors. It is also useful for real estate companies looking for investors for their properties. A real estate company can use the VCPro database to find potential investors for their properties.

PrivCo is another great resource that keeps up with the latest VC deals. It includes data on over 400,000 startups worldwide and more than 100,000 deals. The database allows users to search for specific sectors, types of financing, and investors. In addition to VC funds, the site also lists CEOs and the companies they are interested in investing in. It is updated daily, so you’ll always find the latest deals and be up to date.

The VCPro database is updated two to three times a year, and it is easy to access on both Windows and Mac computers. It is also updated on a daily basis. The data is updated every day and can be used by real estate companies looking for investors for their properties. The data is available for commercial and government projects, including start-ups, and a variety of other types of investments. It can be accessed via a web browser and is free.

The PrivCo website offers a comprehensive database of VC funds. It is updated bi-annually, and it offers data on more than 400,000 companies around the world. The database is available for Mac and Windows computers and is free to download. It is free for entrepreneurs, real estate firms, and investors looking to invest in the latest startups. It is an excellent tool for businesses to identify potential investors and find the best venture capitalists.