Using the Venture Capital Database For Investing in Startups

Venture Capital Database

Using the Venture Capital Database For Investing in Startups

Venture Capital Database is a free downloadable database providing detailed information about the private equity, venture capital, limited partnership, global venture and growth investors. VCPro is the industry leader in online venture capital research. It provides access to the world’s greatest database of venture capital companies and personal investment properties. The database is searchable by country, region, sector, venture capital type and end investor type. It also provides complete profiles of more than 6,000 venture capital companies around the world.

VCPro is an outstanding resource for private equity investment companies, venture capitalists and angel investors. It gives you the latest news and articles on the private equity market. The database also includes vital information on mergers and acquisitions, financing, investments in emerging markets, venture capital for start-ups, new business strategies, and trends in venture capital. Another important feature of VCPro is that it provides access to the full listing of all venture capital firms. The list includes the following well-known names: Bain Capital, BCG, Fidelity Investments, Kleiner Perkins, KPMG, Sequoia Capital, Draper Associates, Draper Fisher Associates, Menlo Park Ventures, New Renaissance Ventures, and Yahoo! Capital.

The database also offers profiles of venture capitalists who are active in the investment of start-ups. These profiles include their experience in technology, their investment history, and their current activities. The database offers profiles of senior venture capitalists, juniors and associates, as well as the companies they invest in. As a member, you can request a detailed list of investments from any of these VCs or any of the active venture capitalists in your area. You can also get general information about other members of the VC team, including their e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and websites.

The VC database allows members to search for venture capital by type of investment. They can search by angel network, venture capital investment, or private placements. Members can perform advanced search functions such as comparing historical performance, controlling filtering, and combining global and regional data. The real-time electronic notification and calendar help to keep track of meetings and select individuals for follow up. The VC data also contains links to industry news and articles. You can always sign up to receive emails or notifications whenever new information on start-ups comes online.

One of the main features of the VC database is its interactive nature. You can link with other members through chat or forums. You can also create your own profile that others can view. You can create tabs for different regions or sectors. This facilitates an efficient research methodology. You can use this VC data tool to do an industry research, or to examine the functioning of private companies listed in the Venture Capital Database.

This is one of the best ways to learn more about your favorite businesses. This is also a great resource to help you assess the risks associated with particular businesses. In this way, you will be able to make the right decision before investing in a startup. You can use the information that you obtain from the Venture Capital Database to perform due diligence on potential startups. The insights gained from the venture capital database can also guide you when you are making business decisions.