Using the CB Insights Venture Capital Database

Venture Capital Database (also known as the VDC) is an exclusive proprietary venture capital database that provides a detailed overview of various private equity firms and their associated private equity capital resources. The database was developed by Shervin Pishevar & Mark Thompson. In addition, this database has been designed to make it simple for an angel investor to look for potential partner companies according to their industry preferences. This makes evaluating potential partner opportunities easier for individual entrepreneurs, small business owners, and larger organizations. Venture Capital Database provides complete information on more than one million venture capital and angel investors. This database is constantly being updated so that it can provide current information on the funding levels and types of firms with the most potential to provide start-up funds, as well as firms that are already established and have past success in generating investment for start-ups.

Venture Capital Database

The venture capital database is broken down into categories including angel investors, private equity firms, venture capitalists, venture capitals, and early stage venture capitalists. Categories are based on the type of investment, such as early stage, middle market, and value extraction. As such, it provides categories such as Entrepreneurial Endeavors, Entrepreneurial Discrete Scale Companies, Entrepreneurial Growth Companies, Commercial Lending, Consumer Products, Consumer Packaging, Corporate Investors, Corporate Unions, and Technology Companies. In order to categorize companies in these categories, data has been compiled from a variety of sources, including current articles on marketing and business magazines, financial statements, government agencies’ websites, and company histories. These sources help the system to better identify potential funding sources for start-ups.

Additional features available on the Venture Capital Database include industry analysis, historical data on private companies, regulatory filings, listings on exchanges across the world, and detailed information on all listed companies. The system is able to filter the information based on industry, exchange, and classification. This allows users to view company statistics by region, sector, and industry. It also allows users to search within each industry based on industry specific criteria.

The venture capital database provides the ability to view contact information for venture capitalists, company name contacts, investor contacts, investment deals, funding sources, management team, history, status, stock price, and valuation. The system provides the ability to sort out and organize data fields by category. This means that you can sort business history, stock price, company name, and company description based on category. Additionally, it provides an easy way to sort the list of venture capital companies by size. Thus, it makes sorting through unconnected data fields much easier.

For entrepreneurs who are new to the business, or have just launched their own venture, the venture capital database is a valuable resource. It gives entrepreneurs the ability to quickly and accurately locate and identify companies that meet their criteria. Venture capitalists typically make a minimum deposit to ensure they are serious about a private company. By using the CB Insight Venture Capital Database, entrepreneurs will be able to quickly and efficiently weed out companies they are not a good fit for.

When considering the benefits of using the venture capital database, it is important to remember that it is a very useful tool. With this information readily available in real-time, entrepreneurs can spend their time focusing on more important matters, such as building the business. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the full functionality of the online CB Insights venture capital database, investors can gain access to information at any time, even if they are away from the computer. By taking advantage of the full potential of the online CB Insights technology, entrepreneurs can accelerate their decision-making process, minimize risks, and increase profitability.