The Venture Capital Database and PrivCo

Venture Capital Database

The Venture Capital Database and PrivCo

The Venture Capital Database (VCDB) is an online source of detailed financial information on startups, venture capitalists, and angel investors. The database allows investors to find the most funded companies in a given market and research the financial status of those companies. Additionally, it provides data on VCs that are backed by local accelerators and incubators. It can be used by anyone looking to invest in startups. It is available for free or at a subscription cost.

The VCPro database is free to search and is available behind the reference desk at Baruch College. Access is only available to Baruch students. This Thomson Reuters database is a comprehensive list of Venture Capital firms, investments, and funded companies. The free database has been updated twice annually and the next version will be published in January 2022. This database is not exhaustive, however, as it does not provide detailed market analysis. To make the most informed decision about which startups to invest in, use the VCPro database.

The VCDB has regional databases. The New York section includes data on more than 800 investors. The Mid-Atlantic region has 325 profiles. The Rocky Mountain region lists 150 investors. The Southeast database contains 400 companies in Texas, the Mid-Atlantic region, and the Southeast. The VCDB also offers profiles of VC and PE firms. This database is the ideal tool for evaluating startup deals. It’s not a replacement for your current venture capital firm, but it does provide valuable information.

The VCDB is also accessible through a subscription. It has profiles of more than 400 startup companies around the world and a wealth of financial information. It also includes investor information, news, and advisors. The database is available on both Macs and Windows computers. You can access the database through your library’s reference desk or through a link on the website. The VCPro database is updated every two years, but it is only available to Baruch students. It has a 30-day embargo.

PrivCo is an extensive database of VC firms around the world. It also contains profiles of more than 400,000 startups. It is a great place to learn more about the latest trends and opportunities in your field. The VCDB is also a useful tool for investors. It is the ultimate resource for VCs and PEs. There is no better resource for identifying the best VCs in your area. It’s a free resource, but you should be aware of its limitations.

The VentureXpert database is a comprehensive database of the investment data and financials of venture-backed companies. It is a Thomson Reuters database that tracks investment and exit activity from various sources in the technology sector. Unlike some other venture-backed databases, it does not track large companies with corporate venture units. This is an essential tool for investors and startup researchers to make informed decisions. It’s a great tool for research on VCs and private equity funds.