The Venture Capital Database

The Venture Capital Database (VCDB) is a comprehensive database of venture capital investments. It covers hundreds of sources and has sector insights. It also tracks large companies with corporate-venture units. You can search for new deals by industry, country, or region, and learn who is investing in a particular market. The VCDB is free to use and you can download it for free from the library’s website. You can also subscribe to the database and access it online.

Venture Capital Database

There are several specialized databases available for identifying VCs. The Rocky Mountain VCDB contains information on 600 venture capital firms across the U.S. and Europe. The database includes over 500 profiles of investors from the Carolinas, the Southeast, and the Southwest. The Rocky Mountain VC Database is useful if you’re looking to target specific venture capitalists in a particular region. The data can be used to determine whether the VC you are interested in is a good fit for your business.

The VCDB also covers a variety of regions. It covers nearly 600 venture capital firms worldwide and includes information about individual investors. The database provides information on VCs and PEs in various countries and regions. It has detailed data on over 4,000 Israeli hi-tech companies and VCs. The VCDB is a great resource for entrepreneurs seeking venture funding. This database is free and has no annual fees, so you can start using it today.

A database can provide you with a multitude of data, but you can get the most accurate and up-to-date information about investment firms in a specific location. It’s a valuable tool to use when you’re looking for a new business. And if you’re not ready to commit to investing your own money, there are many free resources available online. But there’s still a lot you can do to build a venture capital database.

The database contains information about approximately 600 venture capital firms from all 50 states, including the U.S. and Europe. The database includes profiles of more than 3,000 venture capitalists in each of these regions. The data is updated regularly, so you can search for companies with a specific industry focus. The VCDB is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs. However, it’s not the only resource that offers this type of information. You can use it to target investors in specific areas of your state or region.

VCDB offers free access to information on venture capital firms. It can be used to find out who is interested in investing in your business. You can also search by region and bio keywords. The database can even be used to identify VC companies that have received investments in different areas. This is a great tool for start-ups that are looking to raise funds from different investors. There are several B2C and B2B businesses that can use these databases to find the most promising investments.