Venture Capital Database and VCPro Database

The Venture Capital Database (VCDB) is a comprehensive online database of venture capital funds. It tracks thousands of deals every day and allows users to search for specific companies, sectors, types of financing, and angel investors. The data is updated daily, so you’ll always have the latest information. The VCDB also provides valuable insight into the venture capital industry, and can be useful for investors, companies, and entrepreneurs. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you’ll find the VC database invaluable for your next big deal.

The WRDS Venture Capital database includes 6 datasets, each covering a specific facet of private capital raises in the United States. The data covers a majority of public filings, and the databases are an excellent resource for both business owners and academics. Each dataset provides information on the amount of venture capital raised, other agents involved in offering, and the fundamentals of the private firm. The earliest dataset, for example, covers issuances between January 2002 and December 2017.

The PrivCo website, for example, has detailed information on private companies and VC funds. It also provides financial data and news about startups, so you can make informed decisions about potential investments. The VCPro database is available for Mac and Windows computers. It is updated twice a year, and it’s free for members. The most recent edition was published in July 2021. As of this writing, the next edition is scheduled to be published in January 2022.

Using a Venture Capital Database is useful for many purposes. VCPro is updated twice a year, and the most recent edition was released in July 2021. It’s accessible on both Mac and Windows computers. It can be used for business and personal research, and even for identifying real estate investment opportunities. If you are interested in investing in a startup, the VCDB can narrow your search. With this, you can make informed business decisions.

The VCPro database offers a comprehensive list of startup companies, angel investors, and venture capital funds. VCPro allows users to search across all fields and view firm details. The VCPro database is downloadable, and you can access it offline. You can download VCPro and its data for free. You can download the database for offline use. You can access it on your computer and print it out when you need it. The VCPro Database is edited by a veteran researcher in the venture capital industry.

The VCDB also includes a region-specific database. Its New York section profiles more than 800 investors in New York City, Southwestern Connecticut, and Alabama. The Mid-Atlantic and Rocky Mountain regions feature more than 300 investors each. Regardless of the location, the VCDB can help you find the right venture capitalist to fund your company. For instance, the Southeast database lists the investments of over 400 companies in Texas.