How to Get a Venture Capital Database

Venture Capital Database

How to Get a Venture Capital Database

Access to the world’s most powerful Venture Capital Database available. Included herein are over 500+ Venture Capital, Private Equity, and various other investors in a wide variety of sectors such as: Arts/ivals, Commercial Real Estate, Consumer Discounters, Energy & utilities, High Tech, Investment Banking, Media, Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Sports, TV/Film, Telecommunications, Technology, Video Games, etc. As always with these kinds of lists, there is always a caveat – You MUST be a member to view this information.

Additionally, if you are a venture capital or private equity investor, you will want access to our regularly updated Private Equity Capital Markets. This includes information on undervalued companies that may have just begun their public offerings. This information can be used by investors, bankers, business development personnel, and private equity firms to make investment decisions. This database also includes data on successful IPOs. IPO data can help investors decide where to put their money.

Our Venture Capital Database is constantly being updated. We continuously add new information on new and growing sectors with the help of our members. As a result, we are constantly updating our subscribers with the latest venture capital data in each industry. We have previously used the American Financial Association, Equifax, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Yahoo! Finance to generate our venture capital data. As always with these types of lists, there is always a fee associated with our venture capital database subscription.

All of the venture capital database service providers include a contact information area. This area allows you to create a free profile for the service provider which includes your company name, address, email address and telephone number. The data fields are very detailed and it can be a little bit time consuming to fill them out. You will also find some sites that require you to pay a small nominal fee to subscribe.

It’s also important to note that with an investment in startups, you may want to diversify your portfolio. As with all investments, diversification is key. Be sure to choose startups that are in categories that are similar to those that you already have investments in. Examples of categories that we use include technology, energy, health care and financial services. In addition, do not forget to consider how the categories will evolve as your investments continue to flow through. If you do not have a diversified portfolio, you will not be able to manage the losses in case one or more of your investments tanks.

As with all databases, you should always monitor your submissions. If you notice any errors or omissions in the information that you provided, you should immediately notify the database provider. We take responsibility for correcting any information that is inaccurately submitted. For more information on how you can access the latest venture capital database, contact us.