A Venture Capital Database That Suits Your Investment Needs

Venture Capital Database

A Venture Capital Database That Suits Your Investment Needs

( Updated APRON 2017 ) VCPro provides access to thousands of private equity and business venture capital firms. The information is cross-checked annually with data from other sources, such as the Business Directory and US News & World Report. This gives users a chance to know the latest deals on offer. The database covers U.S. companies only.

( Updated APRON 2017 ) VCPro is the world’s largest online venture capital directory. In the last three years it has grown tremendously. It now includes more than one hundred and sixty categories across all sectors, including emerging start-ups and growth industries, venture capital investments, higher risk investments, technology and telecommunications, distressed investments, and international investments. There are over four thousand data fields to work with. This is a great tool for investors who are serious about their investment criteria, but may not have the time to sift through data fields to find the suitable deal.

The VCPro investors’ directory is organized by category. This makes it very easy to locate potential private equity fund companies. Start with the sectors and then move on to the categories like angels, venture capitalists, private equity firms, joint venture, and early-stage investors. Categories are alphabetical so that investors can choose which categories they are interested in. There is also an extensive glossary of industry terms.

As is the case with many of the top databases, the VCPro investors’ directory has a wide range of categories. These include angels, venture capitalists, and startups, as well as real estate and commercial realty. There are even subcategories, for example, private placements, secondary, and minority financing. In addition, there is a comprehensive glossary of industry terms at the end of each page. There is also a frequently asked questions section at the end of each page.

Unlike other databases, VCPro contains startup companies only. While it is true that venture capitalists typically fund startups, startup companies are generally much smaller and easier to work with. However, if you are looking for a private company with significant potential, this is probably the best database available. It is very comprehensive and imparts the kind of detail that can help you make a informed decision.

Both the VCPro and VCado directories are very useful resources for entrepreneurs. They present detailed information on private equity firms and on startups. They provide access to lists of venture capital firms and private equity groups from which to choose. Many have been published since 1998 and are widely used by professional investors, venture capitalists, business brokers, as well as potential business owners. Both are invaluable resources for entrepreneurs and do not require a purchase or subscription.